Las Vegas Vacation for Family

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Las Vegas
Las Vegas (Image copyright: Wikimedia Commons)

Las Vegas as many of us have perceived from the movies and TV series as an entertainment haven, with casinos, night clubs, strip clubs and the likes — that’s why it’s fondly known as the “Sin City” — is often misunderstood.

Kendra Thornton thinks otherwise, here’s the writeup from her which highlights how you can visit Las Vegas with the whole family.

Vegas Vacation: You’ll Want to Talk About This Trip for the Rest of Your Life

Las Vegas has plenty of good clean fun for families to enjoy together today. As an added bonus, flights into Vegas tend to be inexpensive because the city knows once folks arrive they’ll happily spend plenty of money. The catch is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have fun in Las Vegas. Check out these affordable family activities:

1. Take a Ride in the Wild West

Las Vegas truly is a part of the Wild West. People tend to forget that the city was built on an oasis in the Mojave Desert. Your family can enjoy time together enjoying the natural surroundings. One fun way to do this is with Cowboy Trail Rides. This ranch, inside the Red Rock Canyon National Preservation Area, features adventures every family member will enjoy.

2. See the City Inside Your Hotel

Faux cities inside Las Vegas hotels and casinos are well known. One of the best for families is the New York, New York hotel. Enjoy all the perks of life in NYC without the hectic pace and high crime. Here, you can enjoy miniature versions of many of the most famous New York attractions. There’s even a full-size roller coaster inside the hotel as well as places to enjoy iconic New York cuisine.

3. Cool Off with a Frozen Hot Chocolate

During the winter holidays, many people are huddling around steaming cups of hot chocolate. At Serendipity 3, the Las Vegas offshoot of the original New York restaurant, visitors can enjoy a frozen version of this seasonal treat. This frosty treat is a hit with kids of all ages. Of course, other menu options are delicious as well. Many visitors come for a chance to check out the diner’s funky décor.

4. Take a Holiday Lights Tour

If you plan on going to Vegas for the next holiday season, be sure to catch some of the city’s amazing holiday light displays. While we missed it this year, I have heard only good things. Millions of twinkling bulbs decorate the Las Vegas Motor Speedway each season. The showcase opens in mid November. Visitors can enjoy it through the first of the year. For a little extra fun, sponsor a lighting display.

5. Sky Dive Indoors

You don’t need a plane to sky dive in Las Vegas. At Vegas Indoor Sky Diving, the whole family can get their thrills in a wind tunnel. The tunnel allows guests to float mid-air; experiencing what skydiving is like but without the dangers of freefalling from an aircraft. This affordable experience is a lot of fun. Many skydiving enthusiasts indicate that it is just like the real thing but safer and less expensive.

Don’t let the nickname “Sin City” keep you from planning a family trip to Las Vegas. Just make sure you do your research. Sites like Gogobot allow you to read user reviews so you can feel more confortable about your purchases. Check out these and other fun, affordable activities. A trip here is not one you or your kids will easily forget.

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