4D 3N JB-Puteri Harbour Trip

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During the long weekend in October, we drove all the way down to Johor Bahru for LEGOLAND Malaysia, LEGOLAND Water Park, Sanrio Hello Kitty Town and The Little Big Club.

We stayed the first night at Tune Hotel, Danga Bay and the second and third nights at Traders Hotel, Puteri Harbour in Johor Bahru.

Here’s the short roundup of the entire trip: –

Day 1

JB-Puteri Harbour Trip, Day 1

A1: Jezebelle and I fly on a plane @ LEGO City Airport, LEGOLAND Malaysia

A2: Aloha Chicken pizza @ Pizza Mania, LEGOLAND Malaysia

A3: Fanta Slushies!

A4: Bird-eye view of LEGOLAND Malaysia from the Observation Tower

A5: A replica of R2D2 made completed out of LEGO which costs MYR 899.99!

A6: LEGO version of PSY doing the Gangnam style at Suria KLCC, Malaysia

A7: Javion at Tune Hotel, Danga Bay

Day 2

JB-Puteri Harbour Trip, Day 2

B1: Jezebelle poses with a Hello Kitty frame @ Sanrio Hello Kitty Town, Puteri Harbour, JB

B2: Jezebelle and Angel try out the Tea Cups Ride

B3: Meet & Greet: Jezebelle, Angel and I pose with Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel in their wedding dress and tuxedo

B4: Jezebelle, Javion and Angel on Hello Kitty’s bed at Kitty’s House

B5: Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel strut out during "Hello Kitty Heartful Journey" performance

B6: Lat’s Place

B7: Jezebelle enjoys swimming at the infinity pool @ Traders Hotel, Puteri Harbour

B8: Our hotel for 3 days @ Traders Hotel, Puteri Harbour

Day 3

JB-Puteri Harbour Trip, Day 3

C1: Jezebelle poses with Pingu @ The Little Big Club

C2: Jezebelle plays a game of air hockey at Pingu’s Igloo

C3: Meet & Greet: Jezebelle poses with Angelina Ballerina

C4: Knapford Station Thomas Train Ride

C5: Barney the purple dinosaur during "Barney’s Beach Party" show

C6: Sumptuous buffet breakfast @ Traders Hotel, Puteri Harbour

C7: Jezebelle and Angel pose at the infinity swimming pool @ Traders Hotel, Puteri Harbour

Day 4

JB-Puteri Harbour Trip, Day 4

D1: LEGOLAND Malaysia Hotel, sets to open in 2014

D2: LEGO Star Wars MINILAND Death Star Model Display

D3: Jezebelle and I enjoy the ride at TECHNIC Twister — like any other cup ride, except ten times the fun!

D4: LEGOLAND Water Park @ LEGOLAND Malaysia, the largest LEGOLAND Water Park in the world!

D5: Joker Soaker, one of the attractions @ LEGOLAND Water Park

D6: LEGO Brick Mascot

D7: Jezebelle poses with the giant LEGO robot we have built

D8: LEGO Wave Pool

Stay tune for full updates!

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