Top 10 Tips When Traveling with Babies

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10. Pick a family-friendly destination

Choose a family-friendly destination that’s relaxing and used to young visitors, so you don’t have to worry about the details. A lazy beach retreat, nature resort or similar kid-friendly location are highly recommended. Skip the spots which are typically crowded, without shade and other places which may create additional challenge when you have a young one with you. Look for family-friendly hotels which usually let kids stay for free and provide free breakfasts to children.

9. Bring drinks and snacks

It is important to bring along plenty of snacks and drinks on any trip. Little ones can get dehydrated during a flight and don’t have the patience to wait for food service. Depending on your baby’s age, the best bets include crackers, small cartons of fruit juice, small boxes of cereals and nibblers.

8. Prepare a goody bag

One great method to keep small children content on a trip is to take along a goody bag filled with toys and thingamajig. Nontoxic crayons, books, dolls and plush toys could keep your child occupied especially during a flight.

Traveling with baby
Traveling with baby

7. Bring a foldable reclining stroller

While a compact umbrella stroller might be light and easy to move around, it does not allow your baby to sleep comfortably in it. We bought ESPRIT Sun Speed Stroller and brought along whenever we travelled with our baby. The stroller is not only lightweight at 17.3 pounds (7.85 kg), it is also compact and easy to fold. The stroller is able to recline completely (adjustable to 5 positions), so your little one can rest comfortably. Additionally, the stroller comes with a large shopping basket and a removable canopy to protect your baby from the sun.

6. Safety first

When traveling to another country, one shall not expect a convenience store to be located right below the hotel, therefore, packing things like first aid kid will be crucial. Other essential items for safety are like fever patch for kids (such as Kool fever, Be Kool, Cooler Patch), plasters or adhesive bandages.

5. Extra protection

If you’re going to a destination with hot climate, expect to change your baby clothes up to three times a day. Bring mosquito repellent to protect your child from mosquitoes and insects. Get sunblock lotion, sunhats, sunglasses, or goggles to protect your baby from the heat and sun.

4. Understand Your Destination

Even if you plan to travel to family-friendly destination, sometimes, understanding the place will come in handy. For example, most theme parks let you rent strollers and have lockers for you to keep your bags or luggage. If all the destinations in your itinerary happen to have strollers for rent, it will save you the hassle of bringing one. Majority of the theme parks and shopping malls now have nursing and nappy rooms. Some like Disneyland even have a baby care center which doesn’t only limit you to changing diapers but you can reheat your food, refill hot water, clean up and care for your little ones.

3. Be flexible

Keep your itinerary simple and limit your daily activity if you travel with your toddler in order to make life easier for the entire travel party. That way, not only you’ll find it much easier to make last-minute changes if your little one gets tired but you and your partner will also less exhausted.

2. Take practice trips

Sometimes, practice makes perfect and making short weekend getaways leading up to a big trip could be helpful as they could provide useful insights to things like what supplies you should pack, what food your child eat while dining at restaurants and which toys keep your toddler occupy.

1. Eat early

Wherever you go, avoid eating at the normal hours as you’ll have to fight with the locals for a table, especially if you choose to dine in the town’s popular diner. If you set out to dine 1 or 2 hours before the normal hours, you’ll likely have less patrons in the restaurant, room to park your stroller, and a shorter wait for your food.

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